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Sarlat is a medieval city which developed around a large bénédictine abbey of Carolingian origin. 
Monastic seigniory, it reached its apogee 
with the XIII° century with 5 000 inhabitants.

The law on the restoration of the safeguarded sectors was applied for the first time in France to Sarlat. The center of the small medieval city with its 65 monuments and buildings protected was used as pilot operation for the development from the financings and the criteria of restoration. The buildings with the old frontages, protected by splendid roofs from roofing stones found their authenticity and gained in comfort.

We are today proud to invite you to discover a town of a serene beauty.

It will leave you a long-lived memory and the desire for returning there, sometimes of you to install there. But Sarlat is only the heart of Périgord which offers thousands of treasures to you. Discover them without haste, in order to penetrate you well of this feeling felt by this famous American (Henri Miller): "Here, it is the Paradise of the French".


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